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· Allow you to organise, catalogue and update work in our popular online gallery and website.

· Use the latest art manager software to give you complete control of your online studio.

· Handle the business side, leaving you free to focus on your craft.

· Maintain secure records of all business transactions and protect resale right by storing and
structuring your records.


· You will retain independence but maximise sales potential alongside fellow artists.

· Widest possible audience will see your work. You’ll be added to “isendyouthis”, the UK’s fastest-
growing artist directory.

· Mailing list features, press releases and event invitations to make you a great marketing asset.

· Tools and tips to improve your site and increase traffic.


· Register at

· No joining fee and no gimmicks.

· Free demo to help you get started.

· Low subscription costs (just £10 per month ) and no minimum contract.

· Small sales commission of 10% ( which includes our administration fee, merchant account, bank
and administrative costs.

The toolkit & CRM gives the artists automatic record keeping too - All Art Works are recorded in
the data base, and all customer and sales records can viewed or printed out as spreadsheets - taking the admin out of Art Sales.

An on-line presence is essential to achieve artist visibility, and at the core of Red Squirrel is a
complete studio toolkit that enables artists to create and maintain a fully featured independent website. Its an affordable and flexible solution for both established and aspiring artists.

Red Squirrel offers a professional service that enables artists to keep work up to date and
promote themselves whilst freeing them from the hassle of the technical side including:

Domain names, Site Hosting, Search Engine optimisation, Multi browser support, System back

All in all it's so much more than a web package it's a complete artists studio management system and you know its secure and safe because Red Squirrel runs on the acclaimed isendyouthis technology platform.


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