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David Folley

David Folley

United Kingdom - South West
My work attempts to introduce into contemporary debate the importance of ‘Art’ as a tool for social cohesiveness.
2005Graduated from Exeter University, Devon
2008 (Nov)Morris One, The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon
2008 (Sep)Jojo i, The 9 Cast Members
2008 (Dec)Jojo ii, Painter in Residence, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth
A painter for almost twenty years, He is an ex student of Exeter University, Devon where he read philosophy and fine art; presently he is on sabbatical from Middlesex University where he is reading a MA in Aesthetic Theory.

Over the years, Folley has explored themes from seascapes to portraiture, but for his most recent works he has returned to portraiture. His painting style is influenced by Stanhope Forbes (British Newlyn School), as well as Francis Bacon, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso and Roger Somville (Belgium contemporary painter).

Exhibition History

1995The Pastel Society, London
1995The Loggia Gallery, London
1995Plymouth Arts Centre
1995S.T.E.R.T.S. Open
1996Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth Art College
2005Dublin International Art Fair
2007Edinburgh International Art Fair
2008Painter in Residence, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth
2008The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon

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